About Statement

The Essential Journey is a program of self-discovery designed to help individuals, organizations and communities unleash our ability to deliver our gifts, talents, projects and ideas to the world NOW!

There are 3 gifts - the gift you have, the gift you make, and the gift you become.The journey to realize all 3 is what we call,
The Essential Journey.

New Life Balancing Paradigms

5 Life Nutrients

that balance and grow our lives. Our desire to experience them constantly drives all human behavior.

5 Life Areas

in which all human beings have activities and from which we must draw the life-nutrients that balance and grow our lives.

25 New Personality Archetypes

to help us understand how and when our best qualities become our worst.

5 Dragon Fears

that are encountered most often in the course of delivering our gifts and the ones to which we are each uniquely vulnerable.


  • "This Journey has been incredibly fruitful for me. Writing felt like rest — my desk actually became a place of rest and simplicity. I have never ever experienced anything like that.”
    Writer & College Professor
  • "This program has given me the tools to keep myself clear, focused and productive. It was well worth the time spent.”
    Malcolm-Jamal Warner

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